Thursday, July 17, 2014

Spiteful Pirate Pigeon Peanut Butter Porter - Gus #55

Today I'm checking out another brew from Spiteful Brewing.  This time it's their Pirate Pigeon Peanut Butter Porter.

About the Beer:
Style:  Porter
Alcohol by Volume:  8.2%
IBUs:  N/A

Spiteful Brewing Presents:

God Damn Pirate Pigeon Peanut Butter Porter

"Don't fight it, Spite It!  On two wooden peg legs Pirate Pigeon click-clacks through the gutters of the loop.  In his rucksack: a jar of peanut butter and a treasure map.  'X' marks the spot.  If he only knew how to read.  He takes his perch upon the Tribune Tower, beside the gargoyles.  He flutters off, headed north this time, towards the brewery.  Take cover, he's armed with peanut butter bombs.  He might be after more than just our tanks!"

Poured from the bottle into a tulip glass.

Appearance:  Poured super dark brown, almost black, with a big 2 and a half finger head.  Small bubbles with some big soapy looking ones mixed in.  The head calmed down to a thin half finger head and as towards the end of the glass it became a patchy island.  Lacing stuck on the glass in patches as well as I drank.  Tiny bit of light comes through on the edges and small traces of the brew stuck to the glass as I swirled it.

Aroma:  First thing I got was the peanut butter.  A sweet peanut butter aroma with hints of dark roasted malt and some bitter chocolate.  Not much of a hop aroma but I wouldn't expect it in this type of brew.  It smells quite amazing actually.  The warmer it got the more pronounced the peanut butter was.  Liquid Bliss smelled of big peanut butter as well but that was all it had.  It didn't have the chocolate and roast undertones as present as this one does.

Taste:  Holy crap.  Peanut butter covered dark chocolate.  Really nice sweetness that covers your palate and gives way to a bit of dark chocolate bitterness that drys out the palate.  So easy to drink.  Medium mouthfeel that may border medium-full.  Peanuts, hints of coffee and a mix of dark and milk chocolate too.  Carbonation is perfect for clearing your mouth and letting you go back for another drink.

Verdict:  I think this is the best peanut butter beer I've had yet.  It's a perfect dessert beer.  I think it's blended perfectly to showcase the porter and the peanut butter balance and smooth.   So glad I was able to try this one.  I'm going to give it an easy A.  Thanks to Rob for sending me another great one!

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