Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Spiteful Lunch Beer Luke - Gus #54

Today we have a brew review from an awesome micro/nano brewery out of the Windy City.  I've been having some great things out of Chicago and have had a few brews from these guys.  Will this one be just as good?  We'll see.  This is Lunch Beer Luke from Spiteful Brewing.

About the Beer:
Style:  Double/Imperial IPA
Alcohol by Volume:  8.4%
IBUs:  N/A

Spiteful Brewing Presents:

Lunch Beer Luke Double IPA

"Don't fight it, Spite it!  You don't want to work with Luke when he doesn't get a lunch beer.  He's not himself, and his unquenchable thirst propels him into a blind rage.  Raised on Wu-Tang in the frigid streets of NW Minnesota, his blood is the coldest shit out there.  One time we ran out of lunch beers.  Luke snapped his skateboard.  He ate a lit cigarette.  He even punched Norm.  No bueno.  So, put a few in the cooler.  It's time for a lunch beer."

Luke sounds either super fun to hang out with or terrifying!I poured this brew into a tulip glass.

Appearance:  Light orange with amber hues in the middle.  Carbonation streaming up the side of the head keeping the one to one and a half finger head around a while.  Lots of multiple sized bubbles in the head.  It finally gave way to a steady ring around the glass with some islands of bubbles floating in the middle.  Towards the end of the glass all but the islands had settled.  Pretty clear brew and some slight signs of alcohol feet.

Aroma:  Really sweet citrus aromas that pair well with a bit of a piney hop bite.  Sweet oranges and some grapefruit in there.  It doesn't smell overly bitter.  To me, this is a good thing.  Single IPAs are preferred to be more bitter than sweet to me.  Double IPAs need to have a good sweetness mixed in to balance out all the crazy hops in there.  As it warms, more of the pine and grapefruit come out but they are still backing up the sweet orange-like aromas.

Taste:  The taste follows right along the nose with sweet citrus flavors up front with just the right amount of bitterness mixed in.  Oranges (like a tangerine), some mango, little pineapple juice, maybe a hint of fresh lime and then dank pine flavors all show up on the palate.  The back of the tongue has that twinge of bitterness that gets washed away with the sweet malt backbone.  The finish is slightly dry, just enough to make you want another sip.  Drinking really easily.

Verdict:  I'd drink this more often if I had it readily available.  Thanks to Rob for hooking me up with another awesome brew.  I have a few more to get up here from him as well.  This is what I like in a Double IPA.  Not to sound repetitive but something that is going to be uber-hopped needs to have a sweetness there to help cut all of the bitterness created by so many hops.  I'd imagine this brew is full of late hop additions as well.  I don't know if it was dry hopped but I'd believe it if someone told me.  The bit of bitterness followed by the residual sugars and tasty flavors make it super drinkable.  In neither the aroma or the flavor did the alcohol show up.  Well done on this one guys!  Solid A beer for me.

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