Monday, May 6, 2013

BREWSCHOOL 101 - Brewhaha

Happy Monday to everyone out there!  I wanted to take the time and make a post about something awesome that is going to happen in the Jackson, MS area.  Brewhaha (our very own homebrew store) is going to be putting on a school to teach folks how to brew.  The event is going to be at the headquarters of Southern Beverage Co. on May 20th.  It's $35 per person for the class.  I'm sure the slots will fill quickly so if you have been thinking about brewing your own beer or know someone that has, check it out.  There is a link to their Facebook under the image below.  Click on it to get more info about Brewhaha and give them a like on Facebook.  Mac and Nick are really great guys doing a great thing for our area.  There will be a lot to be learned at the class I'm sure.  A great homebrew store ran by some great guys.  Stop in and check them out sometime!

Cheers and happy brewing!