Thursday, April 25, 2013

Country Boy Shotgun Wedding - Tom #15

For today's review we are going to look at another trade brew I received from a really awesome guy John in KY. (Check out his bar if your in the Owensboro KY area This was about a 22oz growler fill right from his bar. Since this brewery is located in Kentucky and doesn't distribute far from this base I was very excited to try this as Beer Advocate says its limited/brewed once. So read on and lets see how it fared! 
How it rates with others: 

About the beer: 
Style: American Brown Ale 
ABV: 4.8% 

About the BREWERY (Not the beer!) 
Country Boy Brewing is proud to be bringing some great local craft beer to Lexington, KY! We are three guys (Evan Coppage, Jeff Beagle, Daniel Harrison) who love good beer are exactly what our name implies: Country. We are all KY born and raised, and our passion for beer and all things KY will show in the many beers we plan to have on tap very soon!

We are passionate about using the freshest ingredients to bring great local beers that Kentuckians can be proud to call their own!

I poured this into my Philly BeerScene Bulb Glass 

Appearance: This poured a nice chocolate looking brown with minimum head. (Remember this was a growler fill) Little head that poured appeared to be a cream color. There wasn't any lacing present in the glass. A fair amount of carbonation bubbles raising throughout the glass. Overall a solid looking brown ale. 

Aroma: The aroma was what you would normally expect from a brown ale but this brown also provided a nice bready presence. Than there was a subtle chocolate and vanilla aroma that came from the back end. This really spiced things up and made this brew really stand out in the aroma department! 

Taste: So for the most part the taste follows the aroma. But at first sip you get a very silky smooth mouth feel from this brew. The layers of chocolate begin to swirl around in your mouth and hints of toasted bread and some nuts come into play all blending very superbly. At the finish of this there is a nice mellow vanilla backbone that picks up perfectly. Everything blends so well in this brew. This brown definitely reminded me of dessert! 

Verdict: This was definitely a solid brown ale across the board. I have to say that this in my book definitely contends with the best of the brown ales out there. If you are lucky enough to live in the area that this brew is available or have a change to acquire it in a trade do so since signs point at the fact this is a one time brew. I have to easily give this brew a well deserving A-. It really was a refreshing and delicious brew.

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 - Tom