Tuesday, April 23, 2013

18th Street Sinister - Tom #14

Hello all, seems to be the same story every time but I am back from a busy month with another review on a recent trade I received from a buddy in Chicago. Its a DIPA called Sinister by a start up brewery, 18th Street. Being from a start up brewery is always something fun to dive into as they are just getting on their feet. So lets see how 18th Street will do!

How it rates with others: 

About the beer: 

ABV: 9%
Availability: Rotating 
Hops: Falconers Flight, Zythos, Cascade

About the brew: 
Chicagoans like hoppy beers, so we obliged by brewing a mean Double IPA. Then we asked artist Joey Potts to design a label of equal intensity. Generously hopped with Falconers Flight, Zythos, and Cascade, Sinister is brimming with juicy, tropical flavors of mango and pineapple. Don’t expect back rubs and mixtabs from this beer-- Sinister won’t even remember your first name. 
What do you expect? 
Poured this into a standard pint glass
Appearance: This brew poured like you would expect a Double IPa would. Poured a slight burnt orange color with a off white finger of head. Dissipated fairly quickly leaving lacing throughout.

And another picture of the label, just cause I think the artwork itself deserves a little spotlight itself!

Aroma: This was a fantastic smelling DIPA and smelled just as the label says it. Big fruit notes of mango and pineapple wrap around your nose. This is backed by a nice sweetness that swirls about from the hops and malt backing. This was a great smelling beer. 

Taste: Phew! This beer definitely drinks like a west coast DIPA. IT was fairly bitter at first but not over powering. The fruite notes shine in the middle and really do great things for this beer. The 9% abv was completely hidden in the background. This made for an incredibly easy drinker. 

Verdict: First, I have to thank my buddy Rob out by Chicago for this fantastic beer! Cutting right to the chase I easily give this a solid as I think it definitely can hang with the best of the DIPA's out there. This was completely balanced throughout and well deserving of a solid A. If you can get this brew, get it! If not, defnitely trade for it! If this is any indication of things to come from 18th Street, boy will they have a line out their door like the best of them do! 

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 - Tom