Monday, February 25, 2013

Pipeworks Ninja vs. Unicorn - Gus #45

How crazy would it be to see a ninja fight a unicorn?  I'd pay money to see that.  Especially if it is half as epic as this bottle label looks.  Pipeworks Brweing Company out of Chicago, IL is putting out some really nice stuff.  All of it has pretty awesome labels too.  I previously reviewed their Abduction stout.  This time it's their Ninja Vs. Unicorn Double IPA.

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About the Beer:
Style:  Double IPA
Alcohol by Volume:  8.50%
IBUs:  N/A

"Ninja vs. Unicorn celebrates the epic battle between two of the biggest hop-heads of lore.  Brewed with over five pounds of hops per barrel.  This unfiltered Double IPA is sure to please the most discerning hop lover. Whether you're rooting for the mythical horned horse or the deadly assassin of the east, we hope you'll enjoy Ninja vs. Unicorn."

I poured this brew into my Jester King glass.

Appearance:  The brew poured a hazy golden orange with hints of yellow and bright orange around the edges of the glass.  Pour yielded one and a half fingers of head.  The head was slightly off white and riddled with a ton of different sized bubbles.  Good lacing around the glass a little hints of alcohol legs.  It became more transparent as it warmed but it was never clear.  As it cleared a little more I noticed the carbonation streaming up the side of the glass.

Aroma:  Big hop forward as you would expect from this beer.  Citrus notes right up front of a lemon/orange mixture and some bitter grapefruit.  Then there is a sweet aroma much like a tangelo or sweet orange.  Little bit of pine right on the back end but that is blown away by a big sweet aroma.  Sweet peaches maybe.  Some mango maybe even.  Spice from hops but it's very faint as the citrus and pine are bigger.  Not picking up any alcohol at all.  Nice aroma.

Taste:  Really hoppy up front again.  Kind of a sweet kick that leads into some more of the citrus notes.  The sweetness comes in mid palate to reveal itself with hints of caramel.  Kind of a candy sweetness with hints of white grapefruit.  Not too much of the pine in the flavor but there is a thick resiny feel.  Medium mouthfeel with nice carbonation.  It's really easy to drink.  Don't get any alcohol flavors even after I let it warm up.  

Verdict:  This is as solid of a Double IPA as you can get.  It does everything you would expect.  It's not over the top but it's very, very good.  I would love to have this one again.  Be nice with a spicy buffalo chicken sandwich or strips.  The finish doesn't linger too long but it cleans it away pretty quickly too.  I'm gonna give this one an A.  It's a great example of the style and what I look for in a brew like this.  This brewery is up and coming and I am glad I've gotten to sample some of their offers.  

I've seen some other stuff from this brewery checked in lately.  I hope everyone is enjoying them as much as I have.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.  Thanks for reading!