Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Boulevard Tank 7 - Tom #9

Hello everyone! For today's review we are going to look at Tank 7 by Boulevard. This is a brew I picked up on a trip to Maryland with my cousin who had this particular brew before during his travels and highly recommended it. So I grabbed a few to give them a try. It is a Saison style which I have become a huge fan of so I was eager to give this one a try.

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About the Beer
Style:  Saison/Farmhouse Ale 
Alcohol by Volume:  8.5%
IBUs: 38 
Malt: Pale Malt, Malted Wheat 
Hops: Magnum, Bravo, Amarillo

Info from the brewery
Most breweries have at least one piece of equipment that’s just a bit persnickity. Here at Boulevard we have fermenter number seven, the black sheep of our cellar family. Ironically, when our brewers were experimenting with variations on a traditional Belgian-style farmhouse ale, the perfect combination of elements came together in that very vessel. You could call it fate, but they called it Tank 7, and so it is. Beginning with a big surge of fruity aromatics and grapefruit-hoppy notes, the flavor of this complex, straw-colored ale tapers off to a peppery, dry finish.

 I poured this into my Hill Farmstead stemmed tulip
Appearance: This beer poured a hazy yellow/orange color with a very large pure white head that lasted the entire time as it dissipated to about a half finger for the whole drink. From the pop of the cap it seemed to be very carbonated as the picture below indicates but it turned out to be the perfect balance. 

 Foamy head appeared as it was going to gush all over!
Aroma: This beer really smelled fantastic. Very earth like and you get tons of grapefruit and coriander. As most Saisons it had a peppery spicy scent as well. Was definitely a bready and floral scent spinning about as well.

Taste: As the nose indicated huge citrusy and grapefruit taste that all flowed together with intermingling spicy peppery notes backed with mild hop bite so perfectly. I was really blown away at how balance and flavorful this brew was.

Verdict: Overall I couldn't have been happier with this brew. It was fantastic and had all the right characteristics a Saison should. After having this I think it is safe to say that this is now my new favorite Saison! So with that said I have to give this a solid and well deserved A+! I definitely have to thank my cousin Matt for enlightening me on this brew!

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