Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Troegs Scratch Series #71 DMB (Dim) Wit - Tom #6

For today's review we are going to look at a particular brew that actually brought Gus and I's friendship together. This brew I speak of is part of Troeg's Scratch Series and is #71 DMB (Dim Wit.) So the story behind this brew is that Troeg's released it on June 29th 2012 the day that Dave Matthews Band played Hershey Park and was a one time only brew and release. When released at the end of Troeg's description they stated "We heard this is Dave Matthews favorite beer." So with this all said the beer was originally named DMB and number 71 out of the series but often is called "Dim" wit as well. So a long story short this is the beer that prompted Gus to approach me for our first beer trade which has lead us down a path where we are today as you read our blog. So continue reading and see how the brew fairs!
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About the beer: 
Style: Witbier 
Alcohol by Volume: 5.2%
IBUs: 10 
Yeast: LaChouffe

Info from Troeg's
SCRATCH #71 - 2012 (Dim Wit) For Scratch #71, we’re revisiting the blissful world of white ales. This beer typically features a blend of wheat and barley along with spices and yeast to create a refreshing and complex flavor. With a dense haze from the red wheat and a foamy white head, Scratch #71 incorporates tartness and a delicate orange aroma that complements the spices and the LaChouffe yeast. The finish is dry and crisp. 

 I poured this into my Dogfish Head pint glass

Appearance: This brew pours a pretty clear golden color with a big fluffy three finger white head. Head hung around for a few minutes till finishing as a thick layer around the glass. A lot of carbonation bubbles coming up the side of the glass. Wasn't much retention as figured with this one. But overall a great looking beer.

Aroma: This is one of my favorite parts of this beer. The smells is a superb blend of spices and coriander, lemon and some citrus and you can definitely pick up on the Belgian yeast in this one. The spices are a great additional to the aroma as there is a very sweet smell mixing with them from the malts used. This is a fantastic smelling beer.

Taste: As the nose indicates there is a spicy presence here but the flavors here are very gentle with a little bit of pepper in there which mixes it up perfectly. The coriander and citrus come into light again and are the perfect touch for this. Digging a little bit deeper into the brew you definitely pick up on the Belgian yeast which I didn't find to dominant like some Belgian yeasts tend to do. Overall this brew was very complex and favorable with the spices and sweetness blending perfectly.

Verdict: So in the end I am a huge fan of this beer. I can see why Troeg's would release it in the middle of the summer and for a major concert next door like the Dave Matthews Band. I can easily find myself sitting back in the summer drinking plenty of these on those hot humid days or sitting at a DMB show enjoying this DMB wit! So overall this is an incredibly smooth brew which is so well deserving an A+ from me. So I definitely think Troeg's should make this a new seasonal or year rounder!

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      - Tom