Monday, January 14, 2013

Three Floyds Brewing Zombie Dust - Gus #35

Today's review is a good one.  It's one of those beers that people tend to seek out all across the country.  It comes from Three Floyds Brewing so distribution is in their normal foot print.  It seems to be hard to get a hold of at times.  I recently got a bottle of this in a trade.  It was a bonus and I was super pumped to get it.  I'm talking about Zombie Dust.  This brew has garnered quite the name since it's release and the reviews have reflected that.  It's an American Pale Ale.  But, not just any APA.  It's a super hoppy APA.  It has probably one of the coolest labels I've ever seen on a brew.

It's not uncommon for Three Floyd's to put out really artistic labels.  But this one is just really awesome.  I've been looking forward to drinking and reviewing this beer.  Many consider it to be the best American Pale Ale available.  Will it live up to the hype?  I'm glad I get to try it to find out!

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There are a bunch of these out there.  I'll list some of the ones I watch regularly.  Some of these guys have already been listed on other reviews.  This is a highly regarded brew so everyone (most of the BGN as well) has tried to review it I'm sure.  I'm sure I left some great reviews out but do a quick YouTube search for Zombie Dust and you will find a ton more.

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About the Beer:
Style:  American Pale Ale
Alcohol by Volume:  6.4%
IBUs:  60

"The intensely hopped and gushing undead pale ale will be ones only respite after the zombie apocalypse.  Created with our marvelous friends in the comic industry.  Art by Tim Seeley"

I poured this brew into my Jester King glass.

Appearance:  I poured this one with a pretty aggressive pour because I really wanted to get a nice head and release all of the wonderful hop aroma this brew had to off.  It settled down to two and a half fingers of head almost three.  Head was slightly off white/bright white and had really tight white bubbles.  Lacing was sticky all over the glass and the head was very fluffy.

The brew was burnt orange almost copper in color.  Pretty hazy but that may have been from the cold too.  I wanted to start drinking this one relatively cold and let it warm up as I went.  No real alcohol legs but it's not a big brew.  Also the lacing and head would have kept any alcohol legs hidden!  Good carbonation all around the glass.  Really nice looking brew.  Had a lot of characteristics of an IPA in the appearance.

Aroma:  The brew is single hopped with a really great hop, Citra.  This puts out, as you can tell from the name, tons of citrus aromas and flavors.  The nose is exactly that.  Tons of grapefruit and orange juice.  Even some big orange peel/rind aromas.  Little bit of pineapple starts to come through as it warms up.  Maybe a few more tropical fruits but the citrus is the main player.  The malt backbone balances it out really nice.  There is a sweetness and even sort of a bready aroma.  Slight, slight caramel sweetness too.  It is exactly as expected with being really juicy and citrus forward.  I'm a fan of the aroma for sure.

Taste:  Right as it hits your tongue you get that citrus bitterness.  Really big orange juice and orange peel flavors.  Slight grapefruit but really this one hits the orange right on the money.  Medium-light mouthfeel and the carbonation seems perfect.  It is juicy in the mouth just like the aroma.  Some of the caramel flavors in a sort of sweetness hit you mid palate.  Then on the back end a little bready malt.  It finishes really clean and with an aftertaste of citrus.  Sweet orange is how I would describe the aftertaste.  No hint of alcohol at all.  This is a really easy drinker.

Verdict:  Single hopped brews can be hit or miss but Three Floyds nailed this one.  I like Citra hops and I like what they did with this one.  Very easy drinker and would be great to drink any time.  Perfect for a sessionable drink and I think it would pair well with a good grilled chicken sandwich or salad.  This brew is going to get an A.  It is one of (if not) the best American Pale Ales I've ever had.  I have another review coming soon of another one that is right up there with it in my opinion.

Check out the lacing on Zombie Dust after sipping on it a while!

Great job on this one from Three Floyds.  Most everything I've had from them has been great.  They are a big name in the craft beer world and deserving of that name.  I hope to get some more things up of theirs and let you guys know what I think.  Until then, remember to comment, subscribe and follow.  Thanks to everyone for your comments on Facebook, Twitter and Google.  We have a new Facebook page up now that Tom is working on.  Do a search and find us!