Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Three Floyds Topless Wytch - Gus #37

Today's review is another one from Three Floyds Brewing Company out of Munster, Indiana.  This is a limited release brew that I was able to get in a trade.  I believe this was a one time brew but I'm not positive. It is their version of a Baltic Porter named Topless Wytch.  It has a very interesting label, wouldn't expect anything less from FFF.  Baltic Porter is an interesting style.  Some say it's just a really hoppy porter, while some say it's a porter brewed with lager yeast.  I'm not sure which way FFF went with this one but I was excited to get to review it.

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Style:  Baltic Porter
Alcohol by Volume:  9.0%
IBUs:  N/A

"Strong, full bodied Baltic porter with coffee and chocolate notes."

I poured this brew into a Raise Your Pints tulip glass.

Appearance:  The brew poured, as expected, very dark brown with a big two finger head.  Around the edges of the glass there was a little light getting through showing the brown hints instead of it being jet black.  The head was tan/off white and had tons and tons of tight white bubbles.  Lacing was sticking to the glass when I tilted it and there were visible alcohol legs around the edges.  It left a brown film as I swirled it as well.  The head finally settled to about a fourth of an inch as I got ready to get the aroma.  Very good looking porter.

Aroma:  Up front there is the hop forward aroma of citrus with just a hint of pine.  Some lemon zest and maybe a little bit of grapefruit bitterness mixed in.  Then the coffee and bitter dark chocolate start to waft in.  Very distinct notes of coffee too.  Some slight espresso bitterness.  A hint of milk chocolate sweetness and malt backbone with no hints of alcohol at all.  It was hidden well.  It all balanced very nice to make a great smelling brew.

Taste:  Taste didn't feature quite as much of the citrus notes like the aroma had.  It did have some of the pine in there but that was overshadowed by the bitterness from a dark chocolate and coffee flavor.  The mouthfeel was so smooth due to just the right amount of carbonation.  The aftertaste was bitter like you had just swallowed a little bit of dark chocolate or a dark roasted coffee.  It was really nice.  Again, no signs of alcohol just a really balanced and smooth brew.

Verdict:  I said it many times in this review but the biggest thing that I liked about this brew was the balance.  All of the hop presence was just the right amount to mix in with the chocolate and coffee flavors from the malts.  It was a super easy drinker for the higher ABV.  I'd love to have this as an after dinner brew.  Be even better on a cold night sitting by a fire.  It's just as smooth as drinking a fresh cup of homemade hot chocolate.  The hops they chose mix well with everything.  I've only had a few Baltic Porters but this one fits the style perfect in my opinion of what the style is.  For pairing, I'd say try this brew with some roasted marshmallows sitting by a fire.  If you wanted to put it with a meal it would go well with some short ribs or even some prime rib.  I'm gonna give this one an A.  I really enjoyed what they did with it and was expecting great things from FFF.  They didn't disappoint with this one at all.

Let me know what you think of Topless Wytch if you get it or have had it.  It seems to be a limited brew.  I'm not even sure when it was distributed.  It was a focus of a trade I did not long ago and I popped it and another one the same night.  I'll put a review of the other one up soon.  Thanks for reading guys!