Monday, December 3, 2012

Clown Shoes/Brash Brewing Company Pimp - Gus #26

Today's review is quite an interesting one.  Not just just in name but also in the style.

From the Urban Dictionary:
(That's a reliable source right??)

As an adjective:  If somethin' is pimpin', that's pretty darn cool.  It's probably something "normal" that's tricked out ghettolicious and gawdy.  Basically, you look very ghettofab and blingbling.

However, as a verb
1.) to pimp something out is to *make* it look very ghettofab and all that nifty stuff in the above paragraph.
1.) to pimp is to advertise (generally, in an enthusiastic sense) or to call attention in order to bring acclaim to something; to promote."

I'm pretty sure that is the direction that these two breweries were going when they named this brew.  This has to be a much more preferable definition than what Webster's Dictionary has for pimp.  They took a regular idea, a brown ale, and then "pimped" it out by brewing double batches and then blending the two.  This is a collaboration brew from two breweries out of the Mercury Brewing facility in Ipswich, Massachusetts.  Both of these breweries release beers under their own brand name but brewed by Mercury Brewing.  This ghettolicious brew for today is Clown Shoes and Brash Brewing Company's collaboration brew named Pimp.

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Information from the website:
About the Beer:
Style:  Double Brown Ale
Alcohol by Volume:  10.0%
IBUs:  Unknown

"Got them fancy clothes. Got that big car, suicide doors, 8 track stereo, color TV's.  Livin' the American dream, now you've got a brew as smooth as a chorus from Al Green.  Brash Brewing Company, the brain child of Petrol Station's Ben Fullelove, collaborated with us to make Pimp.  Ben made a recipe for a double batch of a rich Belgian brown and we made a double batch of a 10% version of Brown Angel.  The two beers were blended to make Pimp, a double, double brown ale."

I poured this brew into a 10oz snifter glass.

Appearance:  The brew pours a super dark mahogany brown.  Almost a brownie batter color.  It's not quite as dark as a stout but it is the darkest brown ale I've come across.  With it being that dark it has a slight haze to it and you aren't able to see much light getting through.  Good amount of carbonation streaming up the glass.  The pour yielded about two and a half fingers of frothy head.  Decent head retention and there are alcohol legs on the side of the glass.  Good solid lacing all the way through the drink.  It's one of the best looking brown ales I've seen.  It really looks like it's going to just have huge flavors from the appearance.  It definitely has a funky pimpin' look to it!

Aroma:  Right off the bat  you really get a big nutty aroma.  A mix of all different things with a hint of hazelnut mixed in there.  Slight bit of something almost like maple syrup.  I think that's probably from the amount of malts they use in the two different double brown ales.  Hints of some chocolate, but like a hot cocoa type chocolate more than a milk or dark chocolate.  Faint hints of honey sweetness but those are overpowered by the maple syrup.  Very slight bit of smokiness and dark fruits like raisins maybe.  The biggest players are the nutty aromas mixed with that syrup type sweetness.  Very nice aroma.

Taste:  Just like the aroma the first thing you get is a the huge nuttiness.  It mixes in with a brown sugar flavor, something like the maple syrup aroma as well.  It has a lot of things going on mid palate.  Some of that sweet cocoa, more of the brown sugar, slight bit of hazelnut, a touch of raisin and just a small hint of bitterness.  Back of the palate some more of the maple syrup type sweetness and hint of honey.  It finishes pretty clean for a brew like this.  All-in-all it's pretty sweet but not overly sweet that it is too much.

Verdict:  I've said it before, brown ales are not my favorite style of beer.  Usually I find them muddled and quite toned down for what they could potentially be.  This one blew my "stereotype" out of the water.  Pimp is packed with a ton of complex flavors and aromas.  Plus the hugely dark appearance just makes it even more of a great brew.  It is on the verge of being too sweet for my tastes but it's not quite there.  I'm going to give this one a B+.  Definitely one of my highest rated brown ales in my opinion.  It's almost as good as Frangelic Mountain Brown from Founders but those are two different brews almost entirely.  For pairings, the huge malty sweetness would work really well with a good smoked meat.  I'd really like to try this with some really nice smoked brisket.  Some with a huge, flavor filled, crust on the outside.  Then I could follow up another glass with a dessert like some chocolate chip cookies.  It would work well with either spicy or smoked foods.  Then after that any sweet, rich dessert would pair well too.

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