Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Unibroue Trois Pistoles - Tom #2

So for my second review I’m going to be sticking with a Unibroue brew. That brew is none other than, Trois Pistoles which is a Belgian Strong Dark Ale. So the story about this bottle is, I was over my cousin’s house this past weekend for dinner and he broke this puppy out to pair with our dinner. The dinner, was a fabulous dish put together by his girlfriend which was a sausage based baked ziti dish made with a blend of ricotta cheese and spinach, boy did this pair well with the brew! Anyways about the brew, the bottle actually had a “best before” date of 05-05-12 and the consumption date was 11-02-12. We were able to date this bottle to be a five year vintage. So boy do we have a great review ahead of us! So sit back, relax, enjoy and carry on!

Fellow Ratings 

About the brew 
Style: Belgian Strong Dark Ale
ABV%: 9
IBU: 16

 Poured into a Unibroue tulip glass 

Appearance: So my cousin poured me a glass and handed it off to me with about two and a half fingers of a very bubbly head. The beer poured a very deep dark brown color without much of any light shining through. The head hung around for a minute or two till it dissipated to a bare minimum. There was a decent amount of lacing that occurs throughout that should be noted.  A beautiful looking brew overall.

Aroma: So from the moment my nostrils laid their senses on the glass they were over whelmed with a slew of scents ranging from some great dark fruit note smells primarily raisins and a great combination of chocolate and caramel mixture that blended so well. While all this occurred there was a subtle scent of deep spices which provided a great backing scent to all that superb aroma floating around.

Taste: From first sight of this bottle and to the sweet sound of the cork popping, this was the part I was eagerly awaiting to get to and boy was I in for a treat. Just as a reminder this was a vintage bottle so it’s key that fact remains in the back of your mind as it has definitely aged and settled a bit. Upon first sip my senses went wild, absolutely wild! My taste buds went into overload with a crazy amount of flavors soaring about my pallet. The first thing picked up is the sweet richness that was backed by great dark fruit tastes. There was a lot of raisins prevalent in the initial taste which lead to a great subtle roasted malt blended so well with rich cocoa. It all wrapped together with a great caramel and slight bready finish that was definitely the cherry on top for this brew. Unibroue also states on the bottle that this particular brew has a smooth finish that closely resembles a port wine. Well I have a fond liking for port wines and this can definitely be noted to this beer. There are a lot of similarities that resemble this. Overall the brew was very calm as it has aged quite a bit and with very little carbonation, I was left with such a smooth easy drinking brew.

Verdict: So I know you may be thinking I’m a Unibroue fan boy or something due to this being my second review. But that’s hardly the case. I just happened to be treated to this brew the other night and absolutely fell in love with its vintage mouth feel and complexity that I figured it would be great to keep the Unibroue review going. So overall I was completely one hundred percent satisfied with this brew. Everything it consisted of was absolutely marvelous. From its complexity of its aroma to it's vast taste, it was the ideal basis of what a Belgian strong dark ale should consist of. So over all I couldn’t give this anything less than another A+ for another Unibroue brew. I am curious to seek out a fresh bottle of this relatively soon to pop open to see how it holds up against a five year sibling so keep an eye out for that review to possibly be popping up in the near future. But in my opinion this is definitely a must have for anyone to have in their cellar collection to sit on for a couple years! Thanks to my cousin Matt for sharing this bottle with me!

Make sure to check back soon for another review from Gus or I and don’t hesitate to suggest a brew or comment!