Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lips Of Faith - Super India Pale Ale (Alpine Collaboration) - Tom #3

Hello everyone, I am finally back with a review. I have been super busy with school as of lately and unable to get a review up. So with that said I would like to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy and safe Thanksgiving and spread the thanks to everyone who has been viewing our blog and keeping our hopes, dreams and passion alive! Gus and I spread our warm and fuzzy thanks to you all! Have a happy and safe holiday weekend and make sure you all eat good and don't forget to pair it with a great brew! 
So for this review today we are going to dive into a very interesting brew none other than New Belgium's Super IPA which is part of their Lips of Faith series which was brewed in August, 2012. This beer is part of a collaboration with Alpine Beer Company out of California which makes some highly rated brews. This has to be considered a rare beer for me residing in New Jersey as New Belgium doesn't distribute here nor does Alpine really out of the San Diego area. So I have to take a moment to thank my cousin Matt for picking me this bottle up while out on a business trip to Illinois. I have only had two other brews by New Belgium which were relatively good and this being label a Super IPA I had a high interest in this particular brew that's loaded with four big hop varieties! So how did this brew hold up against my taste buds? Read on and find out! 

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New Belgium's Info

About the Beer:
American Double / Imperial IPA
Alcohol by Volume:
  22oz Bomber
Pale, C-80, Melanoidin, Acidulated, Carapils
Columbus, Simcoe, Amarillo, Centennial

 I poured this brew into a Harpoon tulip glass

Appearance: This brew poured a hazy golden and copper color. Poured a solid finger of pure white head which dissipated to half a finger which had great retention for a higher ABV brew. The head gave way after a few minutes to nice thin layer of bubble retention floating around which hung around basically the entire time. There was good lacing throughout the glass all the way through.

Aroma: From the pop of the cap on this bottle I could instantly smell the hop aroma that wizzed straight up my nose, what a great start! Besides the hop dominance, there was a sweet aroma of tangerine and orange peel whirling about. Overall it was a sweet smell that was backed with a slight maltyness. There was a slight bready smell to it as well with a few piney notes mixed in. Surprisingly there wasn't any alcohol present. But all around this was one of the most fantastic smelling IPA's!

Taste: So here is where the fun begins, well the aroma was fun, but this is the great part! The flavor really follows the aroma well. Obviously the hop presence was extremely strong in this hence why they call it "Super IPA." If you are a hop head like myself this is a must have. Brew definitely had a bitter taste to it which wasn't too overpowering.  Everything was blended so well in this brew with a great balance in the citrus and hop department. There was a strong grapefruit and orange taste to it. It has a good resiny back to it throughout with a semi-dry finish. The malt was clean through out from start to finish. The only thing that differed from the aroma was the boozy mouth-feel and boy does that 9% shine in this bottle! 

Verdict: This is definitely a great edition of the style. The Super prefix definitely lives up to its name with a strong hop dominance that leaves you with a boozy bitter finish that warms your pallet well. The hops do seam a bit oily at times, but than again I went about drinking this entire bottle myself paired with a buffalo chicken cheese-steak. If I were to pop another bottle of this I would definitely share it rather than indulging in it all myself. So I'm about to give this a solid A. This a great DIPA and overall balance superbly. But if you are not used to this particular style of beer it would definitely be a sipper for most. If this wasn't a limited brew and distributed to my home state it is something I wouldn't think twice about trying again. 

So as always feel free to comment or subscribe. Or let me know your thoughts on this brew or any others you think we should try next. Thanks for reading and again special thanks to Matt for grabbing this bottle for me. 

From Gus and I again, have a Happy Thanksgiving and holiday weekend. Stay safe and remember to enjoy some great brews with your meal. But always remember, don't drink and drive!