Monday, November 19, 2012

Knee Deep Brewing Co. Simtra 3X IPA - Gus #20

Today's beer review is very exciting for me.  It has one of my absolute favorite hop varieties.  Well I guess you could say two of them.  Two rather young strains of hops, I might add.  Citra is a hop that has become very popular in big IPAs and some Pale Ales since it was introduced.  Known for it's big citrus qualities as well as tropical fruit aromas and tastes.  That, paired with my favorite hop, Simcoe, can bring nothing but amazingness right?  Simcoe is also known to have big citrus and grapefruit flavors/aromas but also pine characteristics.  They should mix very well to create something rather tasty.  Being as those are the only two hops in this brew, Knee Deep has chosen to take a play at that with the name, Simtra 3X IPA.

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About the Beer:
Style:  Imperial/Double IPA (It says triple IPA on there but that really isn't a style.)
Alcohol by Volume:  11.25% (One of the big boys in IPA land!)
IBUs:  131
Serving:  22oz Bomber
Malt:  N/A
Hops:  Simcoe and Citra

"Simtra Triple IPA delivers a punch in the face with its very danky hop aroma derived from Simcoe and Citra hops.  You wanted more hops you got them."

I poured this brew somewhat aggressive into a Jester King glass.

Appearance:  Right off on the pour you notice the typical colors for an IPA.  Really dark orange almost a copper tint to it.  Pour yields an off white, tight bubble, fluffy head.  Somewhat soapy in appearance with a few larger bubbles mixed in.  Really sticky head lacing and very noticeable alcohol legs.  Good amount of carbonation running in lines up the sides of the glass.  Pretty decent head retention for such a high ABV brew.  It did finally give way to a thing layer on the top with a right around the sides of the glass.

Aroma:  HUGE aroma on this one.  When I popped the cap off I instantly got the big citrus notes.  Getting a nose on it you pick up the orange peel, grapefruit and other citrus notes.  Smells extremely juicy.  Almost like fresh squeezed orange juice.  Good sweet malt character, little bit of honey mixed in.  Really has that classic big IPA aroma, just really amped up a good bit.  Pick of some of that piney, resiny hints from the Simcoe.  But the combination of the Simcoe and Citra make this thing a huge citrus bomb.  Take some orange juice and ruby red grapefruit juice, throw them in a blender and add a drop of lemon juice and maybe a hint of fruit punch and you get this brew.  Hints of mango and maybe even some peach in there.  I could smell this brew all day.  Don't really pick up any of the alcohol at all.  Definitely hidden well.

Taste:   Wow.  Instantly get the ruby red grapefruit juice flavors.  Orange zest mixed with some sweet orange juice.  Mango and pineapple really come through as well.  Really nice bitterness mixed in with the sweetness.  More bitterness on the back end but in a super pleasant way.  Really do not get any alcohol at all in the mouth.  You can feel it a little bit in your belly but nothing bad.  Slight warmth on the throat after a couple drinks.  But again this is nothing unpleasant at all. Really drinkable for such a high ABV brew.  Medium mouthfeel on it with good carbonation as well.  Aftertaste gives big fruity notes.  Maybe even something like a strawberry hint in the sweetness. 

Verdict:  Really just an amazing brew.  It's everything you I look for in an IPA just amplified even more.  They call it a triple IPA.  I'm not sure that is even a style but, it is a very big double/imperial IPA.  From popping the cap to sipping the last drop, this thing was excellent.  They really take two of my favorite hops and blend them well with just the right amount of malt backbone.  For a score it's going to be a straight up A+.  I can't give it anything less.  Knee Deep is really putting out some great brews.  Their Hoptologist was a very good double IPA and I have their Hop Shortage left to taste and review.  If you can find this, I highly recommend picking it up.  If you can't pick it up local, it is worth trading for.

Pairing this I would definitely go for something spicy.  Like maybe some jerk chicken or some kind of hot wings.  I'd love to have this with something cooked with curry as well.  I think it would really bring a good balance between the two.

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Cheers and again, thanks to Winton for grabbing this amazing brew for me, Kanpai!