Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Knee Deep Brewing Co. Hop Shortage 3X IPA - Gus #21

Here we are with another brew review on Wednesday of Thanksgiving week.  Monday I went with a brew from California that really blew me away with how good it was.  Today I'm going to review the sister brew to that one.  Knee Dee Brewing Co.'s Simtra 3X IPA was brewed solely with Simcoe and Citra hops.  Well those hops are very popular in the craft beer world right now and like all other hops are only available certain times of the year.  When they were starting to brew another batch of Simtra they weren't able to find any or enough of these hops.  So they change hops all together and went with Centennial and Chinook hops.   The resulting brew was named Hop Shortage because of the difficult to find the other hop varieties.  Will this be a stand alone great brew?  Or is it just a "fill in" brew by them?  Knowing what I know and having the couple of brews I've had from them, I have some high hopes.

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(Not a whole lot listed on there for this one either.)
About the Beer:
Style:  Imperial/Double IPA (It says triple IPA on there but that really isn't a style.)
Alcohol by Volume:  11.3% (Another big ABV IPA!)
IBUs:  131
Serving:  22oz Bomber
Malt:  N/A
Hops:  Centennial and Chinook

"The cousin of Simtra, but brewed with only Centennial and Chinook hops. Need we say more?"

I poured this brew into the same glass I used for Simtra, the Jester King short stemmed glass.

Appearance:  Light amber with some orange-ish hues on this one.  Slight haze but still able to see your hand on the other side of the glass.  Poured with two fingers of off white sticky head.  Multiple sized bubbles and some sticky lacing as well.  Very apparent alcohol legs as this is a big ABV beer.  The lacing hangs on the glass very well.  Head gave way after a bit to a few islands and a ring around the edge of the glass.

Aroma:  Big, big tropical and citrus notes right off the get go.  Then you can pick up the malt backbone as well.  Really big grapefruit, more of the sweet ruby red over the bitter white grapefruit.  Big orange, tangelo and even some sweet tangerine mixed in with other aromas.  It really favors an orange "Kool-Aid" aroma.  Then I start to get some of the other tropical fruits, mango and little bit of peach and pineapple. There are some pine notes mixed in as well.  Slight hints of some spice right in the end.  No alcohol aromas present.  The citrus hops just hide it so well.

Taste: The flavors really follow the nose.  Big orange and other citrus flavors.  Really get that sweet tangerine and maybe even nectarine hints.  Some other tropical fruits or some peach flavors too.  There is a slight hop bitterness with a spicy note.  Really big sweet fresh squeezed orange juice is what I get out of this one.  More orange than grapefruit but the grapefruit is there.  Little bit of mango sweetness but it's subtle.  Really amazing, again, how they hide the alcohol.  I don't taste it at all.  It is slightly warming in the belly and the back of the throat but nothing at all unpleasant.  It's only slightly there.  

Verdict:  I really thought I was going to like the Simtra more than this one from them.  But after having them both it's pretty much a dead tie.  They both are some phenomenal brews.  They really know what they are doing with hops.  But you can't hide the fact that they have great malt backbones in both of these brews. I'm going to give this one an A+ just like the Simtra.  Such a solid brew.  I'd love to have this on a beach day or something like that.  If not that I think it would pair really well with a blackened fish sandwich and some good crispy home made fries.  It would even do great with a blackened chicken sandwich too.  Either one would be amazing I believe.

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Cheers and again, thanks to Winton for grabbing yet another phenomenal brew for me, Kanpai!