Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tallgrass Oasis - Gus #12

Today's brew is from the brewery that I had my first canned craft beer from.  As far as I know their beer only comes in cans if not on draught.  And these cans are 16oz full sized pint cans.   I really like a couple of their beers so look to see more from them in other reviews.  The one for today is one that really stands out.  It's my second favorite from them.  It's one of those brews that could fall into two different categories.  They call it an Imperial ESB but it could also be considered a double IPA.  Let's get into the review of Tallgrass Oasis.

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Information from Tallgrass's website:
(ABV 7.2%, 93 IBU)

"Oasis is a Double ESB/IPAish beer that came about from playing around with one of Jeff’s favorite homebrew recipes.  Here at Tallgrass we love malt and we love hops, and this beer has both of them in record quantities; well, at least records for our baby brewery.  
At a hefty 7.2% ABV and 93 IBU, Oasis is a big beer that has to be priced a bit higher than our regular line of beers.  We think that once you taste the over-the-top hops and surprisingly sturdy malt backbone you will realize why it’s worth it.  
Definitely not a fruit-extract seasonal shandy, this beer is meant to be enjoyed on the back porch, the front porch, or even on the stoop.  What's a stoop?  Well, it's a good place to drink beer, is what it is."

I poured this brew into a pint/shaker glass.

Appearance:  Hazy dark amber/orange almost copper in color.  Not clear at all.  Multi-sized bubble two finger head.  Has a very soapy appearance.  Heavy lacing on the glass.  No real signs of alcohol legs.  At 7.2% ABV I wouldn't really expect too many.  It has the classic IPA look to it.  Little darker and hazier than a regular pale ale.  So the Imperial ESB name fits perfect.  I like the look of this beer a lot.  I love that the lacing sticks on the glass so well.

Aroma:   Very hop forward on the nose.  Citrus and piney with a malty sweetness.  Little bit of an earthy undertone as well.  Kind of a grassy aroma.  Slight bit of spice and grapefruit.  Maybe a hint of lemon zest in there.  Do pick up some caramel in there too.  Definitely has some sweet notes in there.  It blends with the hops very nicely to create a good balance.  Hints of floral bits in there.  I really like the earthy tones that are coming out more now.  Kind of like wet grass more than wet hay.  Definitely not anything funky in there.  Mixed somewhere in there is a bready yeast aroma.  Again very nice aroma to this beer.

Taste:  Fruity and citrusy right at the front of the tongue.  Hop forward again followed by a sweet malt backbone in the middle of the mouth.  A lot of caramel in this one.  I do get a little floral and spice notes.  The earthy flavors are there as well.  I'm pleasantly surprised by how much the caramel is in there with out making it too sweet.  The bitterness of the hops works with it nicely to hide the sweetness.  Perfect balance in the two.  Medium-light mouthfeel.

Verdict:   I was very impressed with this beer.  This not being the first time I've had it I was able to dig a little deeper and find some more things in there.  It's such a good mix of bitterness and sweetness.  It did give me the hoppiness that I love but also gave me the malty undertones to make it a better package.  Tallgrass does a lot of their brews well.  I'm going to give this one an A-.  It's not going to change the game but it is very, very good.  My brother-in-law loved it.  I'm working on getting him into some other beers.  I had a feeling he would like this one.  

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