Monday, October 22, 2012

Red Brick Brick Mason Double IPA - Gus #8

This is my second attempt at reviewing this beer.  I had the entire thing done and ready to publish and some how I deleted the whole thing.  So I had to start over.  Here it is... Again. HA HA

This beer comes out of Red Brick Brewing Company in Atlanta, GA.  It is part of their rotating series called Brick Mason.  They have four different beers that come out throughout the year.  Some stay the same each year and some change.  The one I am reviewing today is their Brick Mason Double IPA.  This is one of my favorite styles of brew.  Let's see how it does.

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Brick Mason
Double IPA

Hops:  Apollo, Bravo, Columbus, Centenial , Cascade.

IBUs:  90

ABV:  9.5%

"This limited release is a hoppy brew that is sure to please your senses and assault your taste buds... in a good way, of course!"

I poured this brew into a 10oz Red Brick Brick Mason tulip glass.

Appearance:  Golden, yellow with and orange tint to it.  Slightly hazy appearance.  Solid two finger head with a good amount of lacing on the glass as well.  Do pick up some alcohol legs in there as well.  One thing I noticed instantly after the poor was the amount of sediment that is in there.  Definitely a bottle conditioned beer.  Overall a pretty good looking double/imperial IPA.

Aroma:  Definitely get some of those citrusy notes right at the beginning.  Grapefruit with hints of other citrus fruits as well.  Little bit of that tart candy smell too.  Slight piney, resinous aromas.  But surprisingly nothing really huge on the nose.  Nothing very prominent or bursting out.

Taste:  Mostly floral up front with a with a honey sweetness.  Not too much front of the palate bitterness.  Do pick up the typical grapefruit flavors.  Middle of the palate to the back of the mouth the bitterness does start to creep up.  There are some bread-like yeast flavors from the sediment in there too. 

Verdict:  This is a pretty good double IPA but it is lacking for me in some areas.  I really would have liked for the nose a lot bigger and have a few things stand out.  Appearance won out as being the best thing about this brew.  The taste was good but nothing too great.  Overall this is going to be B in my book.  Some of the other beers I've had in the Brick Mason series have been better.  Look for reviews to come on those.

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