Wednesday, October 31, 2012

La Fin Du Monde - Unibroue #1 Tom

Hey everyone, so here it is my first review finally. For my first crack we are going to look at a great Tripel brewed by Unibroue called La Fin Du Monde (French for "The End of the World.") This is a really popular brew from Unibroue that is highly rated and sought after so sometimes it may be out of stock at your local store. You can usually find it in 12oz 4 packs or 750ml bottles. But anyway this is definitely one of my favorite brews and definitely my favorite Tripel by far, so lets get to the review! 
The Big Guns 

Beer Advocate (solid 100 from the bros!) 

La Fin Du Monde
(9%ABV, 19 IBU) 

Brew was slow poured from a 355ml bottle into a tulip glass leaving a little bit of the sediment remains in the bottle.
Brew poured a very cloudy golden color which is natural for a Tripel. There was a big clean head which faded rather quick leaving a thin lining floating about. There is also a great amount of beautiful lacing left around the glass. This is one of the cleanest looking beers that I can remember too.
 Here we go, so I always find myself giving Belgium's an extra sniff because to me their smells are so complex and hard to pull apart. But with this one you get a huge floral scent that is backed with a ton of orange and coriander with some ripe bananas in the mix. Once another sniff or two is given you get a huge spicy nose mixed with hints of honey. With the beer being at 9% you can smell some of the alcohol but not too much. 
Once you first sip this beer its like a mouth full of Belgium ballet dancers spinning about on your taste buds that sends your senses soaring! This beer really pacts an array of truly amazing blend of flavors throughout. The abundance of flavors running about this brew is quite impressive when the balance so well. There is a strong fruit presence with a spicy backing. The orange and coriander really mix great with the glove and nutmeg spice all blending superbly as one. The beer definitely has some warmth to it from its 9% base. La Fin Du Monde has a great smooth dry finish.

Overall as you could imagine I was greatly impressed. This is not the first time I have had this beer and I routinely have it in my cellar in 750ml form. Its a great beer to have around for those times you really need a Tripel fixing and it cellars great too! But it seams every time I enjoy a glass of this I find new scents and flavors throughout. Though this is my first review here, this brew is definitely a game changer and should be tried by every beer lover out there. I have to give this one a solid big A+ for its extreme complexity and balance it provides. 

 If you have had this brew before drop us a comment and let us know what you thought of it!
Or suggest some new brews for us to send a review out about. 
Thanks for reading!